Wave Card SVG

A wave card SVG template to use for your own cards! The front halves of the card lock together in a curved wave design, opening in the center.

Recently I helped Melody Lane with a design in Cricut Design Space for a Wave Card project. In the long run I wasn’t happy with the sharp edges left by the curves at the top and bottom. This is a refinement of that design with cleaner curves for a more professional finish.

This is an SVG file I made instead of a pure Cricut Design Space document. Unfortunately some of the fine alignment just wasn’t working out in Cricut Design Space right now. I’ll try again with future updates though!

Wave Card SVG

Wave Card SVG Preview
Wave Card SVG Preview


Click the download link below to get the file.

Download: WaveCardSVG-CB2.zip

Instructions on sizing and setting up the image in your project are included with the file.

Please review and respect the terms of use file included with this free file. Please do not share the file with others, direct them back to this page on our website to get the file for themselves.

Original Wave Card Project

Here is a link to the original design. This had larger circles and the sharp edges I didn’t care for.

It is a Cricut Design Space project using all free images. Click below to open a copy right in Cricut Design Space. You can then save it to your own account.


Share your projects!

If you make a card with this file we would love to see it! We might even share some of the pictures here!

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