Video: Using Contour with Print Then Cut – A How Two Minute

Here is a quick trick to use just what you want from Print Then Cut with Contour in Cricut Design Space! Make the most of your Print Then Cut images.

Using Contour with Print Then Cut

Have a number of images in one Print Then Cut image but don’t want to use them all? Contour let’s you pick what you want from those “one piece” image collections. Some of Cricut’s own Print Then Cut images are a collection of a number of images in one.

It’s simple!

Click the first image and step through the gallery of steps!

1 – Insert your image

Insert the image into a project, then click on it to select it.


Step 1 - Select your image

2. Change it to Cut

Click on the image in the layers panel and change it to Cut.

Step 2 - Change it to Cut

3. Contour!

On the Layers panel click the Contour button. Click on the parts you DON’T want. The outlines will change from dark blue to light blue. You can click on things to toggle them on and off.

Step 3 - Contour

4. Finish Contour

Click the Contour button again to finish your work. The items you turned off will disappear. If you made a mistake just click Contour again to change things. Nothing is lost.

Step 4 - Finish Contour

5. Change to Print

Click the image in the Layers panel again and change it back to Print.

Step 5 - Change to Print

6. All Done!

You’re done. Now you can Print Then Cut just the images you want from a collection!

Step 6 - All Done!


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