Video: How Two Tip – Fix the SVG Blob in Design Space for Free

Episode 25 – In this How Two you will learn how to fix most SVG files that import in to Cricut Design Space as blobs that you can’t work with. To do this fix we use Inkscape, a free application available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

The blob issue is when you upload an SVG in to Cricut Design Space and the placed image is just blobs of thick black lines. You can’t resize these images and they don’t cut right at all.

Most of these images are made in a dated version of a certain drawing tool and they can be fixed by importing them in to Inkscape and making a new SVG file. The new SVG can then be uploaded in to Design Space and cut just fine!

Thanks to ScrappyDIVA Karin for the inspiration to keep at it to offer a solution in Inkscape for free! Check her out @

How Two Reference Sheet

All of the steps in this video are also available as a How Two Reference Sheet.

Get Inkscape

Only download applications from their official sites! Other sites may not have your best interests at heart. These applications are freely distributed products, you should never have to buy them to use them. Both sites can be quite slow at times, so be patient.

  • Get Inkscape at: – The ‘Downloads’ menu will let you choose Windows or Mac OS X.
    • Windows users will want to choose the ‘Installer’ link.
    • Mac users, there is a bit more work to install Inkscape. To get the Inkscape installer click on the Mountain icon with the green down arrow. Their page also has instructions on how to download and install additional software required to run Inkscape.

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