Video: How Two – Coloring Book SVG 301

Episode 14 – This How Two video shows you how you can add to your drawings and merge items together to reduce the number of pieces in your cuts.

We take the pony from our 201 video from 37 pieces for the mane and horn down to just 8 pieces. Soooo much easier to work with and no tiny pieces to glue down!


How Two: Coloring Book SVGs – The Complete Series

Make sure you are checking out our How Two: Coloring Book SVGs – The Complete Series page that has everything for this series conveniently organized in one place!

This page has all nine videos organized in to one playlist in our recommended viewing order, all the detailed instructions sheets for you to download and print out to make it easier to follow along, and all the sample files.



It is a bit long, but the steps are a bit more detailed in this work. We want to take it slow so you can see the steps we are taking.

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5 thoughts on “Video: How Two – Coloring Book SVG 301”

  1. you guys are a riot… Love it!!! Good job coloring and staying in the lines…. Another great video…Quick question though. I noticed you used “union” what is the difference between that and “combine”

    • Thanks Melissa! Good question. Combine takes two or more objects and combines them into a single object, but all of the paths are still present in the single object. Union takes the objects and combines them into a single path. If you combined a star and a circle that overlapped, then clicked on it with the node tool you would still see the paths of the star and the circle. Since with an SVG used as a cut file the path is the cut, this means the star and the circle would still be cut out of each other where they overlapped. Union gives us a single path and a single cut shape.

  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I assumed that is it but wasn’t sure. I am having so much fun moving nodes and downsizing the amount of pieces in some of my svgs that I haven’t done a lick of housework today.. ooooooops!!! lol

  3. Hey guys, thanks again for doing these videos. I am learning so much! I have a design space question I was hoping you could answer. Is there anyway to delete files you have uploaded? I’ve started to fix images with lots of small pieces now, but I would prefer not to have two (and in some cases more) of the same images uploaded to design space.


    • Unfortunately Cricut hasn’t provided us with the ability to delete uploads yet. No word on if or when it’s coming, so we can only hope it’s sometime soon. I know our accounts are getting cluttered with work and trying things out!

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