Video: Treasure Chest – November 2015 Unboxing – Cartridges and More

Did you know Cartridges and More offers a monthly Treasure Chest similar to the Cricut Mystery Box? Join us for an unboxing of the November Treasure Chest to learn more and to see what we received in ours!

Treasure Chest - Cartridges and More

Treasure Chest?

What? Each month Cartridges and More puts a Treasure Chest up for sale, it is not a subscription. It will have a surprise assortment of items that is different each month.

When? Usually right at the first of the month. Cartridges and More are generously sending us a box in advance so we can have the video up as soon as possible. Make sure you subscribe to our channel, when you see our video is posted you’ll know you can go buy one!

Where? A new item is added to the store each month. The landing page where you will always find the current Treasure Chest at Cartridges and More is:

How much? It can vary, but you usually you get a retail value of 3x more then what you pay for it! That’s a great savings!

Can I get a deal? Usually there is a code for free standard shipping. FREESHIPPING will get you free standard shipping on orders to addresses in the USA.

Does it sell out? Yes, so don’t wait!

Will I get what you got? Yes! The Cartridges and More Treasure Chest is always the same, they never substitute items. If they run out the treasure chest is sold out, Cartridges and More does not substitute items.

What if I don’t like what I got?

If there are items you want to trade you might want to check out the Cricut Mystery Box Swap group on Facebook. Make sure you read the pinned post so you know the community expectations!

November Treasure Chest

Here is what we received in this month’s Tresure Chest!

The Treasure Chest doesn’t have an affiliate link to help support Crafts By Two, we just do it for fun because we love sharing these unboxings with you all!

If you want to help support Crafts By Two with no cost to you, if you do any shopping through these links we receive a small commission from your purchases. #ad

This month we received:

The Treasure Chest may still be available, get yours at:

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3 thoughts on “Video: Treasure Chest – November 2015 Unboxing – Cartridges and More”

  1. Hey Guys this was a great chest….Hey…I found in going over my cartridges that I have duplicates of 3 cartridges…They’ve not been opened so here is the list in case you have something you want to trade…argh… Elegant Embellishments Holly and Ivy, both of these need overlays.. and last When it’s cold outside…a lot of snowflakes… They all have pretty images.. I’d be willing to swap for pads..6X6 or 12X12 pads..or maybe a cartridge…let me know if you have an interest…
    Thanks guys for all the heads up.

  2. Great video and wonderful findings. I got both your recommendations for Oct for Cricut. Thanks for the reviews.

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