Video: Cricut Design Space – Print Then Cut – Update Overview

The Print Then Cut update is here for Cricut Design Space! We were invited by Cricut to preview this new release and we’re excited to share the news with all of you!

Print Then Cut – WHEN?

The Print Then Cut update will be released the week of September 22nd! We don’t have any official date and time yet from Cricut.

Print Then Cut

Print Then Cut allows you to do just what it says. In Cricut Design Space you can use images from the Cricut library or  your own uploaded images printable. When you click Go, Design Space will print out your images with extra lines called registration marks. You then place this printed sheet on your mat and using the registration marks the Cricut Explore will be able to cut your printed images out perfectly!

In our video we show you three ways to work with images with Print Then Cut.

  1. Printables – A New category of images in the cricut library that are designed for Print Then Cut.
  2. Cricut Library Images – Any layered cut file can be flattened and used as a printed image instead.
  3. Your Uploaded Images – Now you can upload your images in to Design Space and keep them as full pictures to print.

Print Then Cut Examples

Not Just Print Then Cut!

This updated includes new features to support Print Then Cut but they also extend Cricut Design Space to allow you even more creativity in your designs!

  • Welding – Welding has been updated so it works in new ways.
  • Slice – Slicing allows you to create new shapes but cutting shapes where they overlap. This shares some of the behavior with the old weld tool, but it’s far more powerful. You will be able to use shapes you never had before in Design Space!
  • Flatten / Unflatten – Flatten can make any cut file printable. Unflatten allows you to unlock the potential of printables from Cricut and use them in new ways! Design to your vision, because you’re not limited by the images with this tool!

New Materials from Cricut

Not only are there so many exciting new features with the Print Then Cut update, there are also new products from Cricut.

  • Cricut Printable Sticker Paper – A pack of 12 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of a high quality cardstock with adhesive on one side! Of course you can use this for making stickers and labels! We use them for canning labels in one of our upcoming videos.
  • Cricut Printable Vinyl – this ia a pack of 10 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of vinyl that you can run through your printer!

You can really let your imagination run away with what you can do with the Print Then Cut update and these great new materials. The real secret though is that with these products and Print Then Cut it makes quickly assembling a stunning card or design a breeze! These are going to be real time savers!

New Cricut materials for Print Then Cut

Print Then Cut Update Playlist

We are releasing a bunch of videos celebrating the Print Then Cut update! In this playlist you will also find videos from our friend Melody Lane! All of the crafters and creators in the Cricut community who had the opportunity to work with the pre-release version of this update are brimming with information and ideas to share so check them out!

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Giveaway – Cricut Explore Print Then Cut Bundle

Cricut generously gave use a Cricut Explore Print Then Cut Bundle to use in a giveaway for being a part of the pre-release team! As soon as we have the details on when we will have these machine and materials we will post an announcement for the giveaway. If you aren’t a subscriber on YouTube subscribe now so you don’t miss out on your chance to win this incredible machine with a bundle of materials so you can jump right in to your Print Then Cut projects!

If you can’t wait to get your hand on the Cricut Explore to try Print Then Cut, you can buy it right now from Cricut! Shopping through this link supports Crafts By Two.

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  2. By far the best videos explaining the new features with Design Space. Bravo! Very excited to try everything out. Thanks!!!

  3. Great posts guys ! It has been fun being on the pre-launch test team. So many great things happening for the Cricut Explore. Thanks for all the knowledge you all share with us.

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