Video: Notched Garlands – Slice and Weld in Design Space

Notched garlands let you make garlands from almost any shape without the need for glue or string! It’s a great way to learn what you can do with the Slice and Weld tools in Cricut Design Space. Shapes, paper colors, names, you can really mix them up and make so much with this simple technique.

Notched Garlands

Just slide and twist pieces together to make simple notched garlands! A simple project that even the kids can help out with.

You can take pretty much any shape and make it in to a notched garland. We show you the basics with a circle to make a horizontal garland and then making a name from a chunky font to make a vertical garland. You can make just the one shape and use it over and over, or add special pieces for the beginning and end of your garland. We show you how!

You can use the shapes on their own alone or add additional embellishments to make your garlands even more special and unique!

How Two Document

To supplement the video we have detailed instruction you can download and print out.


A Note on Paper Choice

Your choice of paper is important when making notched garlands. You want a good cardstock or heavier when making these. Plain paper or even lighter weight is not going to be able to support itself as a garland. If you have any doubts just cut two or three garland pieces and try it out before cutting your entire project.

Notched Garland Circles Example

The example file uses free shapes in Cricut Design Space, anyone can access the file at:

Once you open the file you can use Save As in Cricut Design Space to save a copy in your account.

Patreon Bonus Garlands

We have taken the time to make horizontal garland pieces for the free shapes in the Cricut Craft Room Basics set in Cricut Design Space. These have a the notched garland piece all set and includes a special beginning and end piece for each shape. Because these are free shapes anyone can use these.

Anyone who supports us on Patreon at any level will be given the links to access these Cricut Design Space files. See our Patreon information below for information on how to pledge.

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6 thoughts on “Video: Notched Garlands – Slice and Weld in Design Space”

    • Hi Joan!

      I would just do a longer tab for letters that needed it and attach to the center of the letter where I could. You want to keep going down the center so things hang nicely and not wonky.

      For example making a K the sizes like I did in the video, I’d probably do a 2.5″ tabs instead of the 1.5″. This would give me the length to attach in the center of the K. Keep in mind you want a long tab off the letter before the K and a long tab off the K to the next letter.

      It might take a bit of trail and error to find the length of tab that works and keeps the same spacing between all the letters.

      Hope that helps!

  1. Love this, thanks, hope you don’t mind that I recreated it in MTC. I’m not going to publish it or anything just want to make one and don’t have a Cricut

  2. Thank you so much for showing how to do this. I’m going to make one this week for a Birthday. I thought of another reason these notched garlands are so great. Easy storage!

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