Video: Notched Garlands 2 – Answers & Layers

We follow up on our Notched Garland video to answer some questions and show a new technique with layers!

Notched Garland Answers

Using letters to make names or phrases has been real popular with our Notched Garland technique. A common question has been how to handle letters that don’t have a straight edge at the top or bottom. Ken demonstrates with a few different letters to show some different ways to address those challenges.

Notched Garland Layers

Sometimes the tabs make the letters look odd. We share two different ways to make the letters stand out. One way is putting a extra tab piece to make the letter shapes stand out. The other way is making your garland shapes from a font that has a shadow layer.

Notched Garlands Video & Instructions

If you missed the original video check it out on our website. We also posted a detailed instruction sheet and a sample file too!

Notched Garlands

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  1. I love to watch your videos. I love the garland. But could you do a video on doing a garland horizontal? PLEASE!!

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