Video: Mystery Craft Unboxing Video Hop & Contest – Part 3

Who Done It? We’re joining a number of our crafty friends to do a Mystery Craft Unboxing video hop previewing a number of mystery boxes from Old Well Craft Supply. Join us for the unboxing of the mystery and collect our code word to enter for your chance to win 3-months of a mystery box of your choice!

Old Well Craft Supply

Old Well Craft Supply  has been bringing us great deals and great craft supplies through their Facebook group Simply Selling Craft Supplies. Now Dawn Arnold is using her great resources to bring crafters SEVEN different mystery boxes each month!

Our video hop shows you six of the seven boxes offered. Check out the link below to read about all of the mystery boxes you can choose from. You can try one month or subscribe for 3, 6 9 or 12 months with a savings the more you subscribe to!

Scrapbookers Dream Mystery Craft Box

Our mystery box from Old Well Craft Supply was the Scrapbookers Dream mystery box. This is the smaller version, MayMay Made It opened the bigger version of this box in her video.

We loved the mix of paper, tools, embellishments and more we received! The excitement of the mystery box and receiving things of great quality that you might not necessarily buy for yourself, but now you have them and they are inspiring you to try out new things!

Video Hop

Day One – Sunday, May 31st
Melody Lane
You can see her video at –

Day Two – Monday, June 1st
MayMay Made It
You can see her video at –

Day Three – Tuesday, June 2nd
US! Crafts By Two

Day Four – Wednesday, June 3rd
Lorrie Nunemaker
You can see her video at –

Day Five – Thursday, June 4th
Nanny Rose – Crafting on the Dollar
You can see her video at –

Day Six – Friday, June 5th + The Giveaway Entry Form!
Ian – The Off-Kilter Crafter
You can see his video at –


Each creator in the hop is giving you a code word! Collect them all to enter!

In the description of the final video in the hop from Ian – The Off-Kilter Crafter you will get the link to the entry form. It’s a simple multiple-choice form to select the code words given in each video.

  • All correct entries will be winners because will receive a coupon for 10% off a Mystery Box subscription.
  • One lucky winner will receive a three-month subscription to any mystery box of their choice from Old Well Craft Supply!

Remember to check out the final video from Ian – The Off-Kilter Crafter on the last day of the hop to get the link to enter the giveaway.

Please help us keep the fun and don’t share our code words in comments or in other posts. 😉

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  1. Don’t wear orange shirts, my son just walked in and asked if you all were in prison! LOL! 🙂

  2. This is the first time I have watched you two. I can say, watching the first two videos of this “unboxing” were very interesting, but I didn’t laugh out loud like with you two! Great video! I am going to go subscribe on YouTube!

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