Video: Making Stamps with the Teresa Collins Stampmaker

To be better about using our stash we finally used our Teresa Collins Stampmaker! We let it intimidate us, worried we would mess it up somehow. It was really simple though and we’re glad we finally gave it a try!

Custom Stamps and more!

Now George and I are excited about making more custom stamps, especially larger items to make background images. It is a bit of an investment to get started, then refills are about $24 for five medium or five small packets. We ended up fitting three stamps on a medium packet, but we probably could have gotten four. At first I though those refills were expensive, but $24 for 15-20 custom stamps isn’t that bad really. It’s not just stamps though! You could also use the Stampmaker to make your own custom embossing or letterpress plates too! We’re looking forward to trying that out also. If you are a stamper and have always wanted custom stamps I think this would be totally worth it. If you are doing bulk projects such as invitations this could also speed up your process with a custom stamp or letterpress piece for your work.

Teresa Collins Stampmaker

We bought our Teresa Collins Stampmaker from HSN. They are also available on Amazon.

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  1. “The Washi stays in the box!!!” LOL love it! Guard your tape stash George! If you buy a thread spool rack from Joanne’s – June Tailor makes them – you can display all that lovely washi in your craft room and maybe use some of it… or not. How did you make the negative?

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