Video: How Two – Coloring Book SVG 401

Episode 18 – This How Two video shows you how to separate large parts of an image in Inkscape in to smaller parts when making your own SVG files.


How Two: Coloring Book SVGs – The Complete Series

Make sure you are checking out our How Two: Coloring Book SVGs – The Complete Series page that has everything for this series conveniently organized in one place!

This page has all nine videos organized in to one playlist in our recommended viewing order, all the detailed instructions sheets for you to download and print out to make it easier to follow along, and all the sample files.



These techniques can improve your final piece if the large pieces really don’t work for your art.

This wraps up our Coloring Book SVG series. We hope everyone enjoyed it. It’s a lot of ground covered, but with practice we know you can do it. Being able to create you own SVG files for your electronic cutting system like the Cricut Explore of Silhouette Cameo really opens up a whole new realm of creative opportunities!

Coloring Book SVG Hangout!

We will be hosting a Google hangout to wrap up our Coloring Book SVG series for users who might have questions or problem images they would like to work on. 

If you will be attending the event and have an image you would like to work on email it to us in advance at: Please use the subject Coloring Book SVG Hangout, and include your name in the email too so we know who’s image is which for the event!

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