Video: The Gift Card Series – Pizza Box – Part 1 of 3

Pizza Pizza! The first card in our creative Gift Card series hop with Melody Lane!

Gift Card Series

We sent some gift cards to help a friend and her family star off the new school year. Of course he couldn’t just send off some cards, we had to make it fun!

Pizza Box Files

Get the pizza box gift card holder George made at:

This was made in Cricut Design Space with all free shapes so anyone can use the file!

The SVG for the Little Caesars logo is available to our Patreon supporters of any level in the Patreon Gifts collection. If you want to support Crafts By Two and receive a number of special thank you gifts, check out our Patreon information below! Pizza Pizza!

Gift Card Hop

Melody Lane has The Gift Card Series – Monster Card – Part 2 of 3 on her channel at:

Then on Twos-day you will be able to check out Ken’s The Gift Card Series – Spiral Notebook – Part 3 of 3 and get another design made with free shapes for you to use!

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  1. How super clever and creative idea for the gift card & George I loved how you did your LOGO too…you are one super smart Techy kind of guy YOU ROCK!!

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