Video: Font Art in Inkscape – Part 4 of 5

Part Four of our Font Art in Inkscape series is all about paths. Text on a path allows you to bring a whole new shape to your Font Art. Your path could also be a shape like a circle! While the technique is similar, there are a few quirks that we share along the way.

How Two Reference Sheet

At the end of this series we will be making one page featuring all the videos and all the reference sheets on one page. Just like we did with our Coloring Book SVG series where we showed you how to make your own SVGs by tracing pictures in Inkscape.

For now, here is the reference sheet to use as a guide when trying out these techniques in Inkscape.

Pilot Precise V5 Pens

Here is a link to the Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine pens we used in the video. These work in the Cricut Explore and write with such fine detail compared to the markers  you will be amazed.

Get Inkscape

Only download applications from their official sites! Other sites may not have your best interests at heart. These applications are freely distributed products, you should never have to buy them to use them.

Windows Users

  • Get Inkscape at: – The ‘Downloads’ menu will let you choose Windows or Mac OS X.
  • Windows users will want to choose the ‘Installer’ link.

Mac OS X Users

The Mac version of Inkscape available through their website is actually 0.48.2 not 0.48.4 which is available for Windows. A developer has made a build of 0.48.4 for the Macintosh that also runs as a self-contained application and does not need XQuartz installed. Another benefit is that more of the keys work properly, such as the ALT + Arrow keys combination. Sorry, the ALT+ [ ] keys still don’t rotate text on OS X in this one either.

You can get his version at the link below. Go to the Latest folder and then download the “osxmenu” version, not the “devel” development version. I have been running this version on my Mac for over a month now without any issues. At Crafts By Two we always tell people to download from the official site, but in my use I feel this is a safe version. This is the version we use in these videos.

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