Video: Design Space iPhone Beta Preview, Android News + More!

Design Space is getting a lot more convenient and mobile! Join us for a beta preview of the iPhone app, Android news, plus even more about Design Space everywhere. Like all of our previews  we try to give you clear and concise demonstrations and information.

Android App News

Before we jump in to the other news we wanted to share that Cricut has Android developers actively working on bringing Design Space to the platform. It will be optimized for Samsung Galaxy devices, but it should run on Android devices that run Lollypop, KitKat and Jellybean.

We haven’t been given a timeframe for an Android release yet, but rest assured we will tell you anything we can as soon as we’ve been given permission from Cricut to share!

iPhone Design Space App – Beta Preview

Design Space has been mobile with the iPad app, but not mobility and convenience go to a whole new level with the addition of Design Space on the iPhone. Before you had to remember your iPad to design on the go, now you have Design Space with you everywhere you go right in your pocket or your purse!

The iPhone Design Space App is coming soon, we don’t have a specific release date we can share yet from Cricut.

What’s new and Different

Beyond the iPhone app itself, there are a few differences in Design Space on iOS. See it all in action on our iPhone 5S in our video. We summarize those changes here:

  • The New project button has been relocated. To create a new project you have to select Create New Project from the Projects screen.
  • The Projects/Design/Mat button collapses to a simple three-column indicator when not in use
  • On the smaller screen devices scroll the menu to the right and left to see more options.
  • A Maximize button is available to the top-right allowing you to quickly toggle menus on and off to maximum your space for designing on smaller devices.
  • The Insert Shapes button is now available for quick access to free basic shapes, just like the desktop app.
  • New Action Menu buttons also join the app like their desktop counterparts.
    • Align
    • Distribute
    • Hide Contours
  • The Camera Preview is one of the most exciting new features! With the built-in camera on your iOS devices

Supported Apple Devices

Any Apple device that supports iOS 7.1 or greater can run the new app. That bring on board support for the iPhone 4+ and the iPod Touch (5th Generation), adding to the support for iPad 2+, and all iPad Air and iPad Mini models.

The Future with Design Space

Cricut has been listening and a lot more is coming to Design Space. We don’t have release dates on this information, but they are coming. As we said before, as soon as we have details an permission to share you will hear it from us. Make sure you subscribe to us so you don’t miss out on breaking news!

We only mention the Desktop and iOS here because we don’t have any details on the Android application at this time beyond that it is in development.

  • ( iOS) Print Then Cut will be coming to your iOS devices bringing it even close to the desktop capabilities.
  • ( Desktop & iOS ) Larger Print Then Cut sizes! We don’t know how big, but Cricut says the output sizes will be raised.
  • ( Desktop & iOS ) Imagine cartridge patterns will finally be added for owners of those cartridges. Users will also be able to upload their own patterns.
  • ( Desktop & iOS ) Pattern fills in to shapes.
  • ( iOS ) Off-Line Design and Cut – No WiFi or cell service needed! Just connect to your Explore with Bluetooth.
  • ( Desktop ) Different materials sizes like those you can see on iPad currently, not just 12×12 and 12×24.

Like we said, lots of enhancements are coming. Now we just have to be patient for release dates and announcements!

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