Video: Cutting Cricut Window Cling – Halloween Fun

You’ve asked about cutting Cricut Window Cling so here we are! A simple project for a material so easy to cut leads to some Halloween fun!

Cutting Cricut Window Cling

Cutting Cricut Window Cling is simple and easy. I’d put it somewhere in between paper and vinyl. It’s similar to vinyl that, when you cut it, the blade is doing a kiss-cut of just the material and not cutting through the backing to the mat. You don’t have to worry about mirroring the image before you cut as the material will cling from either side, you can just pop it off the mat without weeding it too! You might have to do some weeding depending on your project, but it weeds so easily compared to most vinyl or iron-on.

Cricut Window Cling can go on glass, smooth plastic, and more. Of course you can put it on your windows of your home, but it can go on your car windows, the outside of your car, your fridge, and more! You can even gussy up your plain drinking glasses for some holiday fun!

Machine Settings

The Cricut Explore makes the settings easy of course!

  1. Set the Smart Set Dial on your Explore to “Custom.”
  2. When you click Go and are on the cutting dialog, under the Please Select Material setting select “Window Cling – 0.2mm (Cricut).”

So simple!

For all of the other Cricut machines there are instructions with the machine settings right on the product label wrapped around the Cricut Window Cling!

Simple Halloween Fun

Some of our Halloween clings are shapes from the Creepy Critter Cricut cartridge

I couldn’t find a monster I like — Well I mean in the Cricut Image Library : smirk : — so I show you how I used some of the Cricut basic shapes with some welding and splicing to make my own!

Here is the project in Cricut Design Space if you want to check them out. Remember, you have to have the subscription or own the Creepy Critters cartridge to cut the Ghost and the Pumpkin.

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