Video: Cricut Portable Trimmer & Giveaway

Cricut has released a brand new Portable Trimmer! Join us as we check out this new accessory for your craft room and maybe win one in our giveaway!

Cricut Portable Trimmer

We were able to preview the new trimmer and really liked it’s light-weight portable design. Even though you can get it for an inexpensive price it’s built really solidly. This isn’t a cheap plastic trimmer that bends and flexes in your hands. With storage for extra blades or a score tool built right in it’s a great choice for crafting at home and on the go.

Cricut Paper Trimmer

You can purchase it now at for just $14.99.  Shopping through these links helps support Crafts by Two.

You can also by a Cutting and Scoring Blade set or a two Cutting Blade pack. These slot in right on the bottom of the trimmer making storage easy and convenient.

Cricut Paper Trimmer Score and Blade Pack Cricut Paper Trimmer Cutting Blades

You can purchase these packs now at for just $4.99 each. Shopping though these links helps support Crafts By Two.

Free shipping

Use the code MAYSHIP for May 2015 and get free shipping on your order!


Enter now for your chance to win a Cricut Paper Trimmer of your own!

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22 thoughts on “Video: Cricut Portable Trimmer & Giveaway”

  1. Wow, George, you are a lucky guy!! I would love this, and as it so happens I need one! I will probably have to get online and order one today!

  2. Would love to have you both to dinner. I think we’d laugh ’til we cried. When I first started crafting about a year ago, you answered my email about how to use cling stamps (duh!). Now, each time I stamp, I think about your kindness. Hope this new addition to the Cricut Family finds a happy home.

  3. lol I want to order some brades too! 🙂
    Love it………and the cutter! 🙂 Have a great day guys!

  4. I would love to win this trimmer! It looks awesome! I’ve been a big fan of another brand, but I think I like this one better…you sure made it look smooth! Pick me…PICK ME!!!

  5. I really need a timmer so bad. I can’ believe you guys are giving this away to a lucky person. I hope that I am that lucky person. Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoyed your video.

  6. I had to LOL at the pause and look you each had after the 15″ .its like you were both thinking.. Don’t laugh or I am going to LOSE it…. then the “brades” blooper.. Ken looked at George like….. “what are you talking about”

  7. I really want this trimmer! I have the old green Cricut Trimmer which has really held up for me, but I like looks of this new one.

  8. Until this was released, I didn’t even know Cricut made trimmers. This one looks like a joy to use!

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