Video: Cricut Explorers: Our May 2016 Adventure

Cricut Explorers

G’day Crafters! Eye think you should join us on a new adventure with Cricut Explorers! Each month we go on a craft adventure together to learn techniques and try new things. Share a photo of your adventure and you could win a $25 crafty gift card!

Cricut Explorers – Craft Adventurers

Cricut Explorers – Craft Adventurers is a Facebook community we host that is all about enjoying crafting, trying new things, and sharing your experiences with our community of adventurers!

Read the Adventurer’s Oath and join us in Cricut Explorers!

Our May 2016 Adventure

May is a Googly Eye adventure! They are a fun embellishment to bring some life to a project. Let them be the eyes on a character, or use them to replace the eyes in a stamp.

They don’t have to be just eyes though! A bunch could add a rattle sound to a card. A bunch in a line could be a necklace or a living line of lace. What else? That’s up to you and your imagination!

Cricut Explorers swear to be adventurous, but that doesn’t mean everyone has the same talents. Maybe for one explorer getting their machine out of box and putting together a simple cut is the first big adventure for them. Someone else might see the challenge of taking the images from the free cuts of the week and finally making a box card like they’ve seen around.

Have fun with it! If you want to try something and need help ask in Cricut Explorers on Facebook! Remember, the Adventurer’s Oath is to always try to be helpful.

We can’t wait to see what YOU choose to do!

It’s your passport to craft adventures!

How to Enter

Post a photo of your project to Cricut Explorers on Facebook and in your description include the hashtag of:

  • #ExplorerMay2016

A hashtag is #ExplorerApril2016 exactly as you see it, even that hash mark or the pound sign if you’re old like us! This lets us quickly search Cricut Explorers and find all the entries.

You can submit multiple projects, but only one photo of each project will count for an entry. To help make it easier for us please post each project separately, not all in one post. 🙂

  • Post by Midnight on May 31st!

Our international friends are totally welcome to enter too!

Cricut Explorers is our Facebook community so, Yes, you have to post there to enter.

$25 Gift Card Prize

It’s not who’s the best, or perfect, or prettiest. It’s about trying things and having fun. Entries aren’t judged to win.

One entry will be randomly chosen to win a $25 Gift Card to their choice of AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, Joanns, or Michaels. That’s what we have access to here! Our international friends are totally welcome to enter, just hope you can use the prize if you win!

April’s Craft Adventure Gallery

A gallery of all the Adventurer’s projects from April! Enjoy the show and congrats to Lori, April’s winner!

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