Video: Cricut Explore Air From Setup to First Cut

Join us setting up the Cricut Explore Air and making our first cut for a fun Hello card!

Cricut Explore – Setup and First Cut

The Cricut Explore Air is easy to set up and get started with, just like the original Cricut Explore.

We have seen people who are intimidated to take their Explore out of the box and get going. Join us to see how simple it is and how you can cut your first project in minutes!

Cricut Explore Air – Explore as a Platform

The Cricut Explore is the next iteration in the Cricut Explore line. The Explore was designed to be expanded upon over time but still maintain a core Explore experience. So while new machines are added tot he line they are added to the Explore experience, refining it, not leaving original Cricut Explore users behind.

Right now users with the original Cricut Explore and the new Cricut Explore Air still have the same experience designing, cutting, and creating with Cricut Design Space 2.0.

Cricut Explore Air – What’s New

The Cricut Explore Air has Bluetooth built-in for a wireless cutting experience out of the box. You still have the USB port and the option of using the USB cable. Now though you are ready for a wireless experience, especially with the exciting new iPad app coming your way soon for a convenient and portable Cricut Design Space experience.

Print Then Cut calibration out of the box. The Cricut Explore Air has it’s sensor calibrated in the factory so you can use Print Then Cut right out of the box, saving you extra set up time.

With Bluetooth built-in the Cricut Explore Air doesn’t have the expansion port used for the Cricut Explore Wireless Bluetooth Adapter on the original Cricut Explore.

Of course you can’t miss the new sky blue accents with the Cricut Explore Air!

Cricut Explore Air

2.0 – The Next Steps for Cricut Playlist

We are excited to be invited by Cricut to be Product Experts to test, preview, and promote the exciting new releases coming from Cricut. Check out our playlist for all of our videos regarding the new Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Design Space 2.0, and the Cricut Design Space iPad App.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Cricut Explore Air From Setup to First Cut”

  1. Great video! Thank you! Today I watched a variety of videos on the new Air/DS2 with all the different people who are test marketing it. I won’t be buying it as I don’t need the blue tooth and my Explore is relatively new but nonetheless, I love Cricut. I keep stopping the others and coming back to yours. Why? You are easy to follow. You stick to the point You don’t repeat yourself 100X. You cover what you say you will and you have fun doing it while staying on topic. And finally, (I am an English teacher) your English is great!!! You use your words correctly and your present and past tense. This all plays into why your videos with the Cricut are second to none. Keep of the great work guys. And I can’t wait to see the February mystery box. I think that is my favorite videos that you do. So fun to watch and it helps me decide if I am going to order one for myselff. THANK YOU!!!!

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