Video: Cricut Design Space Update – April, 2015

What’s new in Cricut Design Space with the April, 2015 update? We have a quick video walking you through the updates in the desktop application and the iPad app!

Cricut Design Space – Desktop

The desktop version got most of the new features this time around.

Align and Distribute

A new Align tool has been added to the top toolbar when in a project. These features have been available in the iPad app and now we have them on the desktop too. They are a great addition it you want to make sure things are fitting together just right.

It will become active when you have selected two or more objects in your project. With just two items selected you will only have the Align choices available to you.

Cricut Design Space - April 2015 - Align & Distribute


When you select three or more objects in your project the Distribute choices become available to you.

Cricut Design Space - April 2015 - Align & Distribute

When using Distribute, your selected objects will be distributed evenly across the space the selected images take up. This can easily be seen with the box that appears around your selected items.

If you want to have your items distributed across a certain area put one object to the farthest left or top point and then another object to the farthest right or bottom point, with the other shapes you will distribute somewhere in between. In the example below the triangle and the square are setting my farthest left and right edges. Then I did performed a Center Vertically alignment choice, then a Distribute Horizontally distribution choice which cave me the result on the right.

Cricut Design Space - April 2015 - Align & Distribute

Insert Shapes

A new Insert Shapes tool has been added to the sidebar when working on a project. This gives you easy access to a score line and nine basic shapes. All of these are free images that can be used by anyone in Design Space. These will great for making projects that you want to share that anyone will be able to use.

Cricut Design Space - April 2015 - Insert Shapes

Image Handles

Image handles now stay the same size, not getting larger or smaller when the project is zoomed in or out. The image handles also adjust themselves to avoid overlapping with the image or with the other handles. Below is an example of the same small circle at 100% and 200% zoom.

Cricut Design Space - April 2015 - Handles

Support for the Explore One

Both the desktop and iPad version of Cricut Design Space have added support for the Cricut Explore One and it’s single tool holder when cutting projects.

Bugs Fixed – Desktop

  • All text in a sentence gets replaced by one letter in saved projects.
  • Projects with slice and weld does not load the way its saved.
  • Text with system fonts saved in the iPad app and opened in the web app gives different results.
  • Machine stops and prompts for a new pen color prior to completing the draw 
  • Partially Fixed – Plugin not working in Macintosh OS X 10.6 and 10.7.5.
  • OS X 10.6 Cutting works over USB if no Bluetooth module paired.
  • OS X 10.7 Everything works fine over USB and Bluetooth except firmware update from FireFox.

Cricut Design Space – iPad

The Cricut Design Space iPad app has received two new features in the update.

Remember Login

On the login page a new checkbox will remember your login. This save you a bit of typing each time you pick up your iPad to craft. I know this got tedious for me and it’s a small but welcome change!

Cricut Design Space - April 2015 - Remember Login

Mat Preview Warnings

Image outlines will turn yellow on the Mat preview screen to warn you if items are too close to cut well or if they are overlapping. If you regularly rearrange the images on the mat to make the most of your paper this is a handy highlight to make sure your arrangement isn’t going to cause issues.

Cricut Design Space - April 2015 - Mat Warning

Support for the Explore One

Both the desktop and iPad version of Cricut Design Space have added support for the Cricut Explore One and it’s single tool holder when cutting projects.

Bugs Fixed – iPad

  • Text will walk across the screen if multiple lines of text are entered when the alignment is set to center or right alignment.
  • If the project is still loading when the replace button is selected, parts of that previous project will load to the canvas when replacing the project with a new one.
  • Users are unable to log into their account if they have certain characters in their password.

Release and Installation

Cricut Design Space will be unavailable for maintenance that includes the release of this update from Tuesday April 21st at 10PM through Wednesday April 22nd 2AM Mountain Time.

For the Cricut Design Space for the desktop there will be a plug-in update, but no firmware update required that we are aware of.

For the Cricut Design Space iPad app there will be an update to the app. We do not have specific release dates for this and are only assuming it will come out at the same time.

Cricut Support

While we try to help where we can, Crafts By Two are not Cricut employees. If you are having problems with your Cricut machine or Design Space you will want to contact Cricut support.

Reporting Problem Cricut Design Space Projects

You can help Cricut address problems in future releases by reporting your problem projects directly to them. They have made a form where you can report problem projects and give Cricut the link to see the problem for themselves. Learn more about this and get the link at:

Reporting Problem Cricut Design Space Projects

Cricut’s Answers to Common Questions

Cricut has a ton of great documentation and answers to common question on their website at:

Contact Cricut Support

If you need to speak with Cricut support their contact information and hours of service are available at:

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