Video: Cricut Design Space – iPad App – Beta Preview

Our video walkthrough of the Cricut Design Space iPad app; close up and hands on!  We are so excited to share the new iPad app with you!

Cricut Design Space App

iPad App Beta Preview

As invited Product Experts for Cricut we have been enjoying using the new Cricut Design Space app for a few weeks. It brings a convenience and ease to designing for your Cricut Explore that can’t be understated. Cricut has finally given us the go ahead so we can share this preview with you and use it in our videos.

Keep in mind, this is a Beta Preview. The final application may not look exactly the same as what you are seeing here in pictures and video.


The iPad app has all if the features of Design Space and a few more!

You have access to all but one feature of Design Space in the iPad app. Start new design projects from scratch and send them to the Explore! With the Cricut cloud and your Cricut account those projects can be accessed seamlessly through your Cricut account. Start a project on the go with your iPad then pick it up on your desktop at home. It goes the other way too! Have to run to an appointment? You can save the project you were working on with your computer and pick up work on your saved project with your iPad while you are waiting.

All of the gestures you are familiar with on the iPad – pinch to zoom, swiping – all work so great. It’s so fast and smooth!

The only limitation currently is that image uploads can only be done through the computer application. You will be able to use all of the images and SVGs you have uploaded to your account in your designs on the iPad, new images just have to be uploaded from your computer.

With the iPad app you have some unique features only available there right now. There is a nice snap alignment tool which helps you line up shape to each other quickly and easily!

Cricut Design Space iPad App

Release Date

The Cricut Design Space iPad app will be released in the Apple App Store for FREE in January 2015. Apple sets the release dates for apps after their review, so Cricut doesn’t have the specific release date just yet.

More Info

Check out our preview with screenshots, plus a video from Asish Arora, the CEO of Cricut, talking about Cricut’s amazing development and plans for the future in our earlier article:


What do I need?

  • The iPad app can be run on an Apple iPad 2 or better. That means any iPad releases since March, 2011 or later; including the iPad Air and the iPad mini.
  • The iPad app is only for use with the Cricut Explore.
  • To send projects directly to your Cricut Explore from the iPad you will need the Cricut Explore Wireless Bluetooth AdapterYou will be able to use the iPad app and design projects without the adapter. You can just switch to your desktop and open your project to cut it on your Cricut Explore.

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For a detailed overview of what you need check out our companion piece: Are you Ready for the iPad App?

Coming soon… No Internet Required!

Cricut is working hard on the app and they were able to tell us about another exciting new feature coming to the iPad application after it’s initial release. In the first half of 2015 the iPad app will be able to design, use all of your images and subscriptions without an internet connection! That’s right! You won’t have to be online to design and send projects to your Cricut Explore! It’s clear Cricut is listening to users as this is one of the biggest comments from people is that they want to be able to work without an internet connection. Your Cricut Explore partnered up with your iPad will awesome for crops!

Android? Other tablets?

Cricut has this statement to share:

“While most major tablet operating systems are important to us, we are a very small team and could only prioritize one major operating system at a time. In a survey that we had conducted, it was clear that majority of our users wanted us to develop the iOS app first. We are listening very actively to our Cricut users and will prioritize things that are important to them and sequence them over time. We are not making any commitments about the android app at this point but will keep everyone posted on future developments.”

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    • Yep, the projects are in your Cricut Account they aren’t on your desktop. We showed how once you are logged in you can go to the projects menu and select ‘My Projects’ to see all of the projects in your Cricut Account.
      – Ken

  1. Do you realise you can set up a US iTunes account if you’re in the UK and download it from the US iTunes store? Not ideal but a great workaround!

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