Video: Creating a Stampmaker Negative

George walks through two methods to create a negative for making stamps using the Teresa Collins Stampmaker.

Negatives for your Stampmaker

When we shared our video on using our Teresa Collins Stamp Maker we had a number of questions on how to make the negative artwork used in the process.

Now that George is feeling better he has made a video showing you how to make negatives using the online application of Photocentric, the company that makes the Stampmaker and how to do it on your Windows or Mac using the free application GIMP.

Photocentric Imagepac Program

You can access the Photocentric Imagepac Stampmaker Negative Making Program (Phew! I’m out of breathe just typing that!) online at

Download GIMP

You can download GIMP from their website at:

GIMP Stampmaker Templates

These are the templates we made for use when making your own negatives for the Stampmaker in GIMP.

Teresa Collins Stampmaker

If you missed our video where we used the Teresa Collins Stampmaker for the first time, you can check it out at:

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