Video: Craft Room Tour – Crafts By Two with You!

It’s the Crafts By Two Craft Room Tour! We will show you around, sharing a view of our organization and stash!

Craft Room Tour

This is a recording of a private Crafts By Two With You live event just for our Patreon supporters! Thank you to all our Patreons for choosing to support us. Our first milestone goal was a tour of our craft studio space in June. We enjoyed sharing a tour of our craft studio with you all!

Some aspects are still in progress, but we have gotten a lot of requests to see our space. As we finish some other organization ideas we will be sharing updates.

This was a Google Hangout. It gets a bit chatty, we hope you enjoy it all though!

Items Mentioned

During the hangout we said we would add links to a couple of the items we showed.

  • First are the X Cubes we stored our markers in.
    Deflect-o Desk Cube with X Dividers (350201)
  • The other item was our 45-Slot paper rack for 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper.
    After an extensive search online, we found they had the best price for the item and shipping. They are expensive already, but the shipping is the killer because it’s shipped freight and it’s one big piece! If you have a lot of paper though the storage to space you gain just can’t be beat.

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  1. If your ever in Colorado, how about stopping by my house and give me some advice on how to arrange
    things in my scrap space…Love yours!

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