Video: Coloring Book SVG Graduation

Episode 20 – Congratulations to all of you who stuck with the Coloring Book SVG series! So many people commented to us about how much they have learned, we decided you all deserved a diploma for the series! Enjoy your graduation as we show you how we pulled the certificate together.


How Two: Coloring Book SVGs – The Complete Series

Make sure you are checking out our How Two: Coloring Book SVGs – The Complete Series page that has everything for this series conveniently organized in one place!

This page has all nine videos organized in to one playlist in our recommended viewing order, all the detailed instructions sheets for you to download and print out to make it easier to follow along, and all the sample files.



Inkscape can do so much it can be intimidating, it can also do some simple tasks quite well though. With patience and practice you are able to make some spectacular cut files to use with your Cricut, Silhouette or other cutting system that supports SVGs.

We are so proud of all of you who thought you couldn’t do it then found out you could! Just believe in yourself, we know you can do it!

Con-Graduation on your success!

 Graduation Certificate


500 Thanks!

We made it over 500 subscribers! Thanks to all of you for enjoying our videos and subscribing! We are so grateful to be able to have so much fun sharing information with you all and helping where we can. The crafting community is awesome!

Keep an eye out soon for our giveaway! Don’t forget to vote on the Cricut cartridge you’d like to see given away by leaving a comment on our April Haul video.

We appreciate everyone sharing our videos and recommending them to friends. If we move even further past 500 subscribers before we announce the contest we will make an even bigger prize package with more opportunities to win!


The theme music used in our videos is We Press On from Composer – Jake LaVallee, Owner of

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    • It’s just takes practice and patience. You can do it! Check out our page here on Facebook for information about our live Google Hangout on April 30th. We’ll take questions and work on some images people send in.

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