Video: Chomas Creations Adjustable Pen and Marker Holders for Explore – Review

Join us as we review the Adjustable Pen and Marker Holders from Chomas Creations for the Cricut Explore!

Chomas Creations Adjustable Pen Holder
Chomas Creations Adjustable Marker Holder

The Chomas Adjustable Pen and Marker Holders let you have even more pen and marker options with your Cricut Explore. There are so many great styles and colors to choose from and not everything you want to use will fit in the Cricut Explore Accessory holder.

The only downside might be for a user who wants to write and use the Cricut scoring tool a lot. Switching between the adjustable holders and the Cricut accessory adapter could get a little tedious. While the Chomas Creations holders are simple to place and lift out, the Cricut holder take a little work to pop out.

We found the adjustable holders easy to install and simple to use. It’s very easy to switch between the accessory adapter in the accessory arm. Nothing is stopping you from using all the pens and markers that fit in the Cricut accessory arm in the holders. If you want to have the widest number of pen and marker options for creating with your Cricut Explore, you will want to check out the Adjustable Holders from Chomas Creations.

Chomas Creations Adjustable Pen Holder and Adjustable Marker Holder


Amy has generously offered to give away a choice of an Adjustable Pen Holder or an Adjustable Marker Holder for the Cricut Explore to one of our viewers!

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On top of the giveaway Chomas Creations is also offering a coupon for 10% off your total purchase!

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Chomas Creations

Originally Amy Chomas asked her husband to make a pen holder for her Cricut, now it has grown to be a home business! With accessories for a variety of Cricut machines, Shillhouette, Black Cat, Pazzle, and more they more than have crafters covered.

All items are USA made, in fact their made right in at home!

Calligraphy with the Adjustable Marker Holder

Keep an eye out on an upcoming video where we show how to make stylish written sentiments using SVGs and writing on the Cricut Explore.

The Adjustable Marker Holder from Chomas Creations lets you use a calligraphy marker which will make those sentiments come to life!

Cricut Explore Accessory Adapter Replacement

The Cricut Explore Accessory Adapter Replacement is available for purchase in the Cricut Shop for just $1.99. If you are worried about removing yours you can get a replacement for just a couple bucks.

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Pens Used

Here are the pens and markers used in this video if you are interested in using them in your own projects.

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6 thoughts on “Video: Chomas Creations Adjustable Pen and Marker Holders for Explore – Review”

  1. My issue is, especially with the marker holder, its obvious that the marker isnt in the very center of the holder. Question is, what would happen if something needs to be written in the center of a design, and needs to fit into the parameters of the design…can u test that out please?

  2. you need to re watch the video it plainly shows the difference in the holders and the markers fit perfectly if you put it in right!

  3. My question is, would we align our score tool in the pen or marker attachment, and would we use the Popsicle stick for adjustment? The tool doesn’t score very deep now the way it is.

  4. I would love to see how these worked with the Zig Calligraphy pens. Also with having the screw to “position” the pens no matter what you aren’t going to be perfectly center, so I would like to see how the pen holder works when doing a write and cut word. (Writing a word and cutting it’s shadow.) For me that would be clinch me buying this. I see the difference when using the wrong thickness of pen in the marker holder, I just would like to see a design or word with a marker line, then cut on the outline. 🙂 Great video!!

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