United Kingdom’s Cricut Mystery Box – October 2016 Unboxing/Reveal

Not quite an unboxing this time.  The box didn’t reach our shores in time to share that with you all. Join us for a quick reveal of this month’s United Kingdom Cricut Mystery Box!

United Kingdom’s Cricut Mystery Box – October 2016 Reveal

  • Spoiler alert! We are revealing the contents of the box.

United KingdomFor our viewers NOT in the United Kingdom, this Mystery Box is NOT available elsewhere in the world. If you order this month’s Mystery Box from another country’s Cricut shop it won’t be these same items. You can order it from the UK shop if you like, but keep in mind you’re paying for international shipping!

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The UK Cricut Shop doesn’t have an affiliate link to help support Crafts By Two with a small commission, we just do it for fun because we love sharing these unboxings with you all!

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October UK Mystery Box

This box is £29.99!

This month we received:

Unboxing Playlist

You can check out all of our Cricut Mystery Box unboxings and more in our Unboxing playlist at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLENGdQNWnhZ8xcVfiMFhMf2SL-nfdhsgA

Mystery Box Common Questions

  • What?
    Each month Cricut puts a Mystery Box for sale on it’s shop, it is not a subscription. It will have a surprise assortment of items that is different each month. It can have a wide range of items from Cricut’s stock. You may receive items not specific to paper crafts or items for older Cricut machines.
  • When?
    Usually around the middle of the month, but… it varies.
  • Where?
    A new item is added to the Cricut shop each month. We’d appreciate your support if you buy through our link. We receive a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you.
  • Here is this month’s Mystery Box: http://CraftsByTwo.com/mbdirectUK
    Remember once it’s gone Cricut removes it from the shop. If the link no longer works it’s probably gone.
  • How much?
    The price varies from box to box, you will be getting it for a fraction of the suggested manufacturers retail price.
  • Does it sell out?
    Yes. If it is still listed but says it is sold out keep checking back. Sometimes more stock is released!
  • Will I get what you got?
    Most of the time. Sometimes if Cricut sells a lot of mystery boxes they may start to substitute items. It is all part of it being a mystery! If you aren’t going to be happy with a surprise package of random Cricut items, you may not want to be ordering a mystery box.
  • Do you guys work for Cricut? Can I ask you questions about my order?
    No, sorry. We don’t work for Cricut / Provocraft, we’re just crafty fans who love mystery boxes and making videos. If you have a question about your order or a problem, you want to contact Cricut with your questions.

  • What if I don’t like what I got?
    Cricut is now stating on the mystery box listing in the shop that all sales are final, no sending it back.

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