Treasure Chest – December 2016 GOLD Edition Unboxing – Cartridges and More

The December Treasure Chest has arrived and it’s a GOLD edition! Join us to see what we received in the Treasure Chest from Cartridges & More!

December 2016 Treasure Chest

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Here’s What We received this Month

This Treasure Chest has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $219.93 but you can get it for just $34.99!

All cartridges ARE included in Cricut Access.

Unboxing Playlist

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Cricut Mystery Box Swap

Get things you don’t want in your Treasure Chest?

See something you wanted but missed out on?

Our Facebook group Cricut Mystery Box Swap is the place to go! It’s the place for people to swap unused materials and unlinked cartridges. Make sure you read the pinned post so you know the community expectations, it also includes helpful instructions on how to post your swap!

Treasure Chest Common Questions

What? Each month Cartridges and More puts a Treasure Chest up for sale, it is not a subscription. It will have a surprise assortment of items that is different each month. Just to be clear, this is from Cartridges and More not Cricut. Same idea, different product.

When? Usually right at the first of the month. Cartridges and More are generously sending us a box in advance so we can have the video up as soon as possible. Make sure you subscribe to our channel, when you see our video is posted you’ll know you can go buy one!

Where? A new item is added to the store each month. Our quick link will always get you to where you can order the Treasure Chest if it’s currently available:

How much? It can vary, but you usually you get a retail value of 3x more than what you pay for it! That’s a great savings!

Can I get a deal? Usually there is a code for free standard shipping. Check out the top of our post for the code to save!

Does it sell out? Yes, so don’t wait!

Will I get what you got? Cartridges and More states on some month’s listings that occasionally items may sell out from a treasure chest and be substituted with a comparable item.

Do you guys work for Cartridges and more? Can I ask you questions about my order? No. We don’t work for Cartridges and More, we’re just crafty fans who love mystery boxes and making videos. If you have a question about your order or a problem you want to contact Cartridges and More with your questions.

What if I don’t like what I got?

Cartridges and More will let you return the entire Treasure Chest if you aren’t happy with it. You must return the complete treasure chest, all items unopened and unused.

If there are items you want to trade you might want to check out the Cricut Mystery Box Swap group on Facebook.Make sure you read the pinned post so you know the community expectations, and it also includes helpful instructions on how to post your swap!

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