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How Two Tip - Fix the SVG Blob in Design Space for Free

Video: How Two Tip – Fix the SVG Blob in Design Space for Free

In this How Two you will learn how to fix most SVG files that import in to Cricut Design Space as blobs that you can’t work with. To do this fix we use Inkscape, a free application available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

How Two: Coloring Book SVG

How Two: Coloring Book SVGs – The Complete Series

Everything for our How Two: Coloring Book SVG series all in one convenient place! This is our How Two video series on transforming coloring book pictures to make an SVG image to use as a cut file for your electronic cutting system such as the Cricut Explore or Silhouette Cameo. We use the free applications Inkscape and GIMP to go from a simple black and white drawing to a colorful cut file.

Coloring Book SVG Graduation

Video: Coloring Book SVG Graduation

Congratulations to all of you who stuck with the Coloring Book SVG series. So many people commented to us about how much they have been learning, we decided you all deserved a diploma for the series!

Episode 18 - How Two: Coloring Book SVG 401

Video: How Two – Coloring Book SVG 401

This How Two video shows you how to separate large parts of an image in Inkscape in to smaller parts when making your own SVG files.

Episode 17 - How Two Tips - Coloring Book SVGs - Trouble with PDF Imports

Video: How Two Tips – Coloring Book SVG – Trouble with PDF Imports

Found images you want to make in to SVGs that just won’t trace in Inkscape, no matter what you do? This How Two Tip is a quick one which addresses that problem some viewers have encountered following our Coloring Book SVG series.

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