Cricut Design Space

Using Contour with Print Then Cut

Video: Using Contour with Print Then Cut – A How Two Minute

Here is a quick trick to use just what you want from Print Then Cut with Contour in Cricut Design Space! Make the most of your Print Then Cut images. Have a number of images in one Print Then Cut image but don’t want to use them all? Contour let’s you pick what you want from those “one piece” image collections.

How Two Minute - 3D Preview - Cricut Design Space App

Video: How Two Minutes – Cricut Design Space iOS App – New Features

The recent iOS app update brought two great new features to Cricut Design Space and we have some How Two Minutes to show them to you simple and to the point in just a minute! The 3D Preview gives a striking way to see how the layers work together for an image. Another addition is a simply way to identify where an image came from in your project.

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