Chalk Couture – Vintage Truck Class

Chalk Couture – Vintage Truck Class

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This hands on class with Lori B Crafty includes:

  • Vintage Truck – 8.5″ x 11″ – Our beloved Vintage Truck Transfer is a foundational, year-round element. Pair it with any of the Vintage Truck Add-on Transfers and other designs for distinctive statement pieces. Pairs well with framed boards (12″ x 18″), Box Frame (6½” × 18½”), and Lumbar Pillow Cover (12″ × 24″).
  • 18″ Round Board – Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, our non-magnetic, frameless Boutique Boards are exclusive to Chalk Couture and uniquely designed to pair with our removable Chalkology Paste. This round board measures 18″ across and includes burlap for hanging.
  • Use of Lori B’s Spring Truck Addons at the class.
  • Use of Lori B’s full palette of chalk paste colors at the class.

Pre-Order Deadline: March 1, 2019

Delivery & Payment: At Crafty You Spring Retreat  2019, Payment made directly to Lori Brouse.

Payment & Delivery

Purchasers agree to pay their order in full at the Crafty You Retreat – Spring 2019 with cash or check.  The items will be delivered at the event with no additional charge. Items can be shipped for people not attending the retreat with an additional shipping cost.


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