Preview Your Infusible Ink Projects in Design Space

The Infusible Ink sheets from Cricut offer some cool designs to use in your projects. It’s easy to see how your designs work on your project before you cut anything. Join us to learn how you can have a super accurate preview of your Infusible Ink projects right in Design Space!

Preview Your Infusible Ink Projects

Our video walks you through saving the sample images of the Infusible Ink sheets and bringing them in to Design Space to use as Patterns! Cut your designs out of an Infusible Ink “sheet” in Design Space will give you an almost perfect preview of how your projects are going to actually look with that Infusible Ink sheet design.


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Squoosh – Image Compression Tool

Squoosh is a free image compression tool free from Google that allows you to convert images and compress files, or resize images to make them easier to work with. You can often get dramatic size savings with hardly any visible change to the image!

The first time you go there you have to be online, but after your first visit you can open that address in your web browser and use it without internet access.

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