November Cricut Mystery Box Posted

Cricut has released the Cricut Mystery Box for November to go on sale Wednesday, November 11th! Get the link, the Free Shipping code, and help support Crafts By Two with your purchase.

We will have an unboxing video up as soon as we get it!

A new Mystery Box is here and it is literally the biggest mystery box yet. With very limited quantities you won’t want to wait to purchase this!

November Cricut Mystery Box

This mystery box retail value is listed at $209 and you can get it for just $59.99!

This goes on sale Wednesday, November 11th. We don’t know the specific time it will be released. On the product page is a link you can use to “Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock.”

Buy it Now

As always, we really appreciate you shopping through our link to help support our work as Crafts By Two with the small commision we receive from sales!

FREESHIPNOV – Free FedEx Home Delivery Shipping

Get free shipping with the coupon code FREESHIPNOV. You have to be logged in to the Cricut Shop and using the FedEx – Home Delivery shipping option for the discount to apply to your purchase.

What is a Mystery Box?

We do an unboxing video on the Cricut Mystery Box each month. On each post we have answers to a bunch of questions we see about the Mystery Box each month.

Check out our post for last month’s mystery box to watch an unboxing and check out all of those answers!

Cricut Mystery Box Swap

Check out the Cricut Mystery Box Swap group on Facebook!

Get all the new about Cricut Mystery Boxes first! Swap items from Mystery Boxes you don’t need or want! If you didn’t get a Mystery Box and saw an item you liked, maybe someone is interested in making a swap for what they received!

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