Mother’s Day Wreath Card – Monthly Wreath Card – May

Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate the Mothers in your life with this threaded wreath that gives a lovely effect with the colors you choose. Join us to see how it comes together!

Mother’s Day Wreath Card

This card is perfect to celebrate the softer side of a Mother’s love. The threads are like a warm hug!

This doesn’t have to be just for Mother’s day though. Add your own embellishments for a wonderful Thank You or a Birthday card.

Monthly Wreath Card Series – May

George has been doing some great designs with these threaded needlework cards and we’ve running them as a series to share them. Each month we will have a new design celebrating this card series for the whole year!

Aunt Lydia’s Crotchet Thread

We discovered Aunt Lydia’s Crotchet Thread when we were looking for a thread for these needlework projects. Classic Crochet Size 10 was what we used, we couldn’t remember in the video! You get 300-400 YARDS to work with for a great price and they have a ton of colors! The Classic has 55 colors and there are also Classic Metallics for another five choices. The metallics are only 100 yards though so you only get 300 feet, LOL!

Seriously we love this stuff. You get so much! You and a bunch of friends could each buy one ball and then share all of the colors between each of you and not run out for quite a while!

Check out their line at:

We bought ours through Amazon. If you shop through our link you help support Crafts By Two at no additional cost to you, and that makes you awesome!

Project Files

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The higher packages include all of the items from the lower package so you only need to download the best package available to you.

For Everyone

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For Patron Plus

You get the base files, plus the sentiment, banner, and a few of the embellishments. This also includes the great guide to make it easy to get started without having to count out the holes!

Patrons of $2 or more can visit this post on Patreon to get the download link:

For Patron Prime

This collection includes everything we made for this package with a variety of embellishments to work with a variety of colors for your thread and projects!

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