Mini Mason Jar Ornaments – Crafting with You

These little mason jars bring a different style to your Christmas ornaments. Their simple shape makes them a lot easier to work with and kid-friendly!

We were Crafting With You live on Facebook the other day. ( ) Gathered here is information about the project and the materials we used.

Mini Mason Jar Ornaments

These little mason jars bring a different style to your Christmas ornaments. Their simple shape makes them a lot easier to work with to lay on vinyl and decorations compared to traditional glass bulb. The larger mouth jars also make them easier to work with for coating the insides compared to an ornament where you may need a funnel. All of this makes this project even more kid friendly!

Hair spray is an alternative to floor wax you may have seen used with other glitter ornaments.

Materials Used

Here are some of the materials we used in our project. This isn’t everything, as you know how it is with crafters you have materials you don’t know what brand they are any more with our ribbon and washi!

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When designing for these jars you want to aim for just under 6 1/2″ wide to wrap around and 1 1/2″ tall to stay on the flat part of the jar.

You may not get a perfect match wrapping around. You can use another embellishment or a shape cut from a complimentary foil or vinyl to cover the seam and add to your design!

Coating your Jar

For your hairspray make sure to get a non-aerosol pump! This way you can unscrew the pump to pour your hairspray. A regular aerosol spray will not work out for these projects.

We found the Suave MaxHold for just a couple of bucks at Walmart. The 11oz bottle easily does all 12 jars you get if you by the set we did at Amazon.

  1. Pour a good amount of the hairspray into your mason jar. We do about half an inch.
  2. Pick it up and tilt at an angle and roll the hairspray around to coat the interior. When you go to pour out any excess hairspray, keep rotating the jar. You can let it sit for a few moments upside down on a paper towel if you feel there is a bit too much excess left but we rarely find the need.
  3. Then go ahead and pour in a good portion of glitter, more than you think you may need. Give that a slow rotation to give things time to coat and keep increasing the angle as you rotate to cover the inside.
  4. Pour out the excess out on to a piece of paper and you can fold that to make it easy to pour back into the original glitter container again. Any excess hairspray shouldn’t interfere much at all with using it in other projects.

Lid and Hanging

For punching out the lid we used a hammer and nail on a foam punch board. You could also get away with some layers of corrugated cardboard.

  • When punching make sure to punch from the top of the lid so any rolled metal edged are safely inside the lid when screwed on.

Then make a good-sized loop with a chunky knot on the end and run it from the inside of the lid for the loop. The knot will keep it in. If you’re worried about the knot passing through the hole, you can poke a toothpick through the knot to help keep it from passing through the hole in the lid!

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