Font Art in Inkscape – The Complete Series


Font Art in Inkscape

Font Art in Inkscape

Everything for our Font Art in Inkscape series all in one convenient place!

Here you will find a playlist of all the videos, all the How Two reference sheets, and all the extra files we shared for this series.

This is our How Two video series on using the free application Inkscape to make art from your own fonts to use in your projects and designs. You will be able to save your work a SVG files which can be used as cut files with your Cricut Explore, Silhouette Cameo and any other electronic cutting system that works with SVG files. You can also just print out your work and fussy cut it to use if you don’t have a cutting system.



Episode Topics

  1. Text Basics and Manipulation
  2. Grouped Font Art
  3. Font Art with Layered Mattes
  4. Font Art on a Path or Circle
  5. Arched Font Art

YouTube Playlist

This is the playlist of off of the videos in the series in our recommended viewing order. As we made the series we answered a few questions or showed techniques that might be more helpful at the beginning.  This playlist takes this in to account and has them in an order that might be more helpful.

How Two Reference Sheets

This series has a How Two reference sheet for each episode that you can download and print out, or read on your computer or tablet. This can make it easier to follow along with the videos, and they can be a quick reminder when you are making your own Font Art.

These How Twos are PDF files. If you cannot view the files, you can get the free Adobe Reader.

Additional Files

We had some requests for a few of the SVG files made during this series, so here you go!

Get Inkscape

Only download applications from their official sites! Other sites may not have your best interests at heart. These applications are freely distributed products, you should never have to buy them to use them. Both sites can be quite slow at times, so be patient.

  • Get Inkscape at: – The ‘Downloads’ menu will let you choose Windows or Mac OS X.
    • Windows users will want to choose the ‘Installer’ link.
    • Mac users, there is a bit more work to install Inkscape. To get the Inkscape installer click on the Mountain icon with the green down arrow. Their page also has instructions on how to download and install additional software required to run Inkscape.

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