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It’s easy to subscribe to Crafts By Two on YouTube for free and get notifications when we post a new video.

First we show how to subscribe on your computer or keep scrolling to see how to subscribe with your phone or tablet. You only have to do it one way, not both.


YouTube from your Computer

[mk_dropcaps char=”1″ style=”circle-custom” fill_color=”#ff7400″]Go to our channel on YouTube.[/mk_dropcaps]


[mk_dropcaps char=”2″ style=”circle-custom” fill_color=”#ff7400″]Click the Subscribe button.
If you aren’t logged, you will be prompted to log in with your Google account.



[mk_dropcaps char=”3″ style=”circle-custom” fill_color=”#ff7400″]The Subscribe button changes to Subscribed. Now click the gear icon next to Subscribed.


[mk_dropcaps char=”4″ style=”circle-custom” fill_color=”#ff7400″]Check the box to “Send me all notifications for this channel,” then click Save.


You are all set! Now you are subscribed to Crafts By Two and will receive an email notification any time we post a new video!

YouTube from your Phone or Tablet

[mk_dropcaps char=”1″ style=”circle-custom” fill_color=”#ff7400″]Get the YouTube app on your phone or tablet:[/mk_dropcaps]


[mk_dropcaps char=”2″ style=”circle-custom” fill_color=”#ff7400″]In the app use the magnifying Glass icon to search for Crafts By Two and tap on our channel. It should be the first item and have our C2 logo.


[mk_dropcaps char=”3″ style=”circle-custom” fill_color=”#ff7400″]Tap on the Subscribe button.


[mk_dropcaps char=”4″ style=”circle-custom” fill_color=”#ff7400″]Tap on the Bell icon to enable notifications.


[mk_dropcaps char=”5″ style=”circle-custom” fill_color=”#ff7400″]Tap OK to confirm.

You are all set! Now you are subscribed to Crafts By Two and will receive a notification any time we post a new video!

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