Father’s Day Wreath Card – June

This Father’s Day stands up and stands out! Your materials, colors, and embellishments can transform this from elegant to rustic easily. George’s sample goes more handy with a twine wreath and tool embellishments he made. Join us to see how it all comes together!

Father’s Day Wreath Card – June

A different kind of card to stand up and stand out for Father’s Day!

Wreath Card Series

Check out the first in the Wreath Card series to get the finer details of doing the standard stitch around the card. In this Father’s Day card George expands on the stitching so check out that first video if you want to get the basics down.

Project Files

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For Everyone

The public file package is available here: FathersDayPublic-CB2-201906.zip

For Patron Plus

You get the base files, plus the sentiment, banner, and a few of the embellishments. This also includes the great guide to make it easy to get started without having to count out the holes!

Patrons of $2 or more can visit this post on Patreon to get the download link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/27591478

For Patron Prime

This collection includes everything we made for this package with a variety of embellishments to work with a variety of colors for your thread and projects!

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