Embossing Station from Totally-Tiffany – Review, Tips, and Giveaway

We got to try out the Embossing Station from Totally-Tiffany. It lets you work hands-free when your embossing and keeps things stored and ready to go. Join us to see what with think and get some tips for making the most of it!

Embossing Station from Totally-Tiffany
Review, Tips, and Giveaway

We purchased the new Embossing Station from Totally-Tiffany as soon as it was announced. We like the ability to work hands free while embossing and the paddle with the clip is a great addition to your embossing work. It wraps up and stores things well making it easy to put it to the side when you’re not using it. It’s quick and easy to get ready to work with though so it won’t interfere with your work flow.

We have a few tips in the video to make the most of it. Some cord management suggestions and a few other quick tips like using the leg of your embossing tool to help stabilize things.

Overall we liked the Embossing Station and recommend it! Whether you’re embossing a lot and want to have things easy to use, or doing it infrequently and want a useful way to store things and quickly get to work when you need it. We feel the Embossing Station will bring an efficiency to your embossing work.

Embossing Station

You can buy the Embossing Station right from Totally Tiffany at the link below.

This isn’t an affiliate link so we don’t get a small commission when you purchase. We appreciate you letting Tiffany know that our review helped you make your decision to buy!

Embossing Station Giveaway

Tiffany has generously given us the opportunity to run a giveaway for the Embossing Station! Enter below for your chance to win this prize package!

  • Embossing Station from Totally-Tiffany
  • 14 Moxie Embossing Powders
  • Totally-Tiffany Edna Buddy Bag to store your new powders in!

You get three opportunities to enter!

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