Cricut Design Space 3 Beta Preview – How Two Minutes

Preview the beta of Design Space 3 with us! New features, updates, no Flash, a lot of speed and zip. Find out what’s new in our quick How Two Minutes!

Design Space 3 Beta Preview

Cricut let us preview the beta of Design Space 3 for your desktop!

It will work with all the machines in the Cricut Explore family; from the original Cricut Explore, through the Explore Air, the Explore One, through the new Explore Air 2.


Unfortunately Cricut hasn’t provided a release date at this time. Things feel very solid in this beta preview, so we can only hope we all get our hands on it for day-to-day use soon.

Video Playlist

All our Design Space 3 Beta Preview videos can be found in this playlist to watch them all back to back.

How Two Minutes

Our How Two Minutes are simple and to the point in just a minute, or two! A quick way to see a new feature, or a fast and simple reminder of how to do something if all you need is a refresher. If that’s what you need, search YouTube to find “How Two Minute” and see what we’ve done!

Here is our playlist where you can watch all the How Two Minutes in one place.

What’s new in Design Space 3?

Flash is Dead and DS3 is Fast

  • Cricut has Killed Flash
    Design Space 3 is a stand alone plugin now. No more flash issues and shockwave errors!
  • Everything is so much faster and responsive
    Working in Design Space has never felt smoother and so responsive. Things scroll better, previews pop, everything feels zippier.

Flash is killedMy projects View

  • Project easily accessible from Home and Canvas
    Quickly preview and move between projects.
  • Projects now have a nice big preview image
    No more guessing at your projects with just a list of names.

Improved Canvas Features

  • Edit panel moves to the top
    No longer in the Layers panel, editing options are readily available for quick work.
  • Projects ready to browse
    Right along with your insert buttons is a button to readily browse your projects and Make It Now projects.

Layers Panel Updates

  • Color Swatch right on the layers panel
    Makes it easy to see the layer color, especially on smaller pieces.
  • Current Colors at the top of swathes
    Switch and matching colors in your projects has never been easier. Easily change pieces tot he colors you’re already using in the project.

Text Updates

  • Ungroup to Lines, Layers, or Letters
    You can ungroup your text to separate lines, separate the layers into two separate objects, and ungroup to letters which was called Isolate in DS2.
  • Text remains editable after ungrouping
    Text stays editable no matter how you ungroup it. You can change a typo at any point as long as you haven’t sliced or welded the text.
  • Large Font Previews that are Fast
    Along with the Edit tools always being at the top of the canvas, you know have large font previews in a fast and responsive menu.
  • Slice Text
    You can now slice with text as an object, no need to ungroup to letters first.

Drag and Drop Uploading

  • Drag and Drop files from your desktop
    In the image upload dialog you can now drag and drop image and pattern uploads right into your browser window from your desktop.

Cut screen Updates

  • Edit and Rearrange on the Mat after starting the Cut
    Now you can edit your mat arrangement while on the Cut screen. Convenient for last minute changes and tweaks.
  • Make It Now details on the Cut screen
    Quickly jump in to the Make It Now details of a project right from Cut screen to easily check the instructions and information.

What about the Android app?!

It’s out!

You can get the public beta of the Cricut Design Space app. Please note that this app does not have the exact same features as the desktop Design Space 3.0 Beta shared here.


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