Craft Retreats and Crops – What’s the Difference?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For Crafty You we offer two different kind of events; Craft Retreats and Crops. What’s the difference…?

We’re glad you asked! Check out our list below to learn about the differences.

We usually offer two Craft Retreats a year in the Spring and the Fall. On the months we don’t have a retreat we usually have a Crop scheduled![/vc_column_text][mk_table]


Crops are “No-Frills” events to spend a weekend crafting with friends old & new

Craft Retreats

Craft Retreats are bigger events filled with learning, friends and fun

Days Three-days
Fri 4pm – Sun 4pm
Thu 2pm – Sun 2pm
Classes Classes might be offered Retreats include at least three classes Classes
Class Fees Classes are a separate fee All Classes are included Class Fees
Door Prizes 1 drawing per day All Ticket holders receive a Door Prize Door Prizes
Swag Bag All Ticket holders receive a Swag Bag with a Crafty You bag Swag Bag
T-Shirt All Ticket holders receive an Event T-Shirt T-Shirt
Craft Room Availability The Craft Room is available to guests 24/7 during the event. Craft Room Availability
Snack Pack All Ticket holders receive a small snack pack and a bottle of water at start of event. Snack Pack
Lunches Guest may purchase box lunch service in advance for availability at Noon. Lunches
Dinners Friday evening Dinner Included
Texas BBQ Outlaw Potato Bar
Retreat ticket holders can purchase additional dinner seats for guests in advance.
Guest Rooms A small discount is available for guest rooms at the hotel. Breakfast is included. A better discount is available for guest rooms at the hotel. Breakfast is included. Guest Rooms


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