Event and Cancellation Policies

Event and Cancellation Policies

Transfer of Tickets and Passes

Tickets and passes are for the attendee(s) named at purchase. All tickets and passes for Crafts By Two / Crafty You retreats and events are non-transferable without consent of Crafts By Two.

If you wish to transfer a ticket or pass, a request must be submitted by email to Events@CraftyYou.org and confirmed by our staff. Crafts By Two reserves the right to decline any transfers.

Tickets and passes cannot be resold by the ticket or pass holder for more than the original asking price of the ticket or pass.

We may not be able to accommodate any special needs of an attendee if a transfer is requested less than 45 days notice.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests must be submitted by email to Events@CraftyYou.org.

More than 30 days notice

If a cancellation is requested more than 30-days prior to the event, a refund will be made minus a $50.00 processing fee.

No refunds at 30 days or less

Unfortunately with 30 days or less notice we have chosen not to provide refunds. At 30 days there are many demands on our time preparing for the upcoming event, we are not at liberty to promote the seat opening and try to find .a replacement. There are also many costs which cannot be refunded from other vendors.

Processing Period

Any refunds will be processed within 30-days of the request.

No Shows

Guests who do not cancel in advance as outlined above, or who do not show up for the event, will not receive any refund.

Event Cancellations

Unforeseen circumstance may occur which may unfortunately require us to cancel an event. This is not a casual consideration, but a cancellation may need to be made.

Crafts By Two reserves the right to cancel any event. Should an event be cancelled by Crafts By Two, all registration fees paid will be refunded. Crafts By Two will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by attendees such as airfare, hotel or other travel expenses.

Weather related cancellations

Weather related cancellations will be at the discretion of Crafts By Two.

Generally the event will go on unless there is a State of Emergency declared by the state where the event is hosted. If bad weather is expected, please plan your travel accordingly. Decisions to cancel will be made by Crafts By Two 24 hours prior to the opening of the event and will be communicated by email to registrants.

Damage, Loss, Injury

We do our best to ensure events and classes are safe. Crafts By Two are not responsible for damage or injury to attendees and guests, or loss or damage to property.

Children at Events

Children 9 and under are not eligible for Full-Event and class tickets unless included on the class and event description.


Guests, including children, may make quick visits to the craft/class room but cannot stay. We ask that visits be kept reasonable to allow all guests to enjoy the event.


Crafts By Two reserves the right to decline any sales and provide a full refund to any purchases.

Appearance Release

Attendees of events understand they may be included in photos or videos of the event by Crafts By Two / Crafty You. If you do not wish to be included in photos or videos you must inform us in advance of the event.

Crafts By Two is not responsible for photos or videos posted by guests of the event.


All references to “Crafts By Two” include Kenneth Kindler, George Schneider, Crafts By Two employees and any Special Guests of the event.

Acceptance of Terms and Policies

Purchase of a registration, ticket, or pass for a Crafts By Two / Crafty You event implies acceptance of these terms and policies by the attendee and any attendees they purchase on behalf of.

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