Circle Card – With Miss Kate Cuttables

We made a Circle Card for Spring with some great art from Miss Kat Cuttables at our Crafty You weekend crafting retreat. It’s a fun project with a big result. Join us to see how we put it together!

Circle Card – With Miss Kate Cuttables

The Circle Card is a big surprise in a small package! You can make a wonderful scene in the round or customize it with memories for a great mini scrapbook to save your memories with!

Crafty You

This card was a class we offered at our Crafty You weekend crafting retreat. Everyone got a precut kit to put together while we all put it together in the class.

If you want to learn more about our Crafty You events visit and join us at an upcoming event visit out page!

Miss Kate Cuttables

We really do love Miss Kate Cuttables and their art. If you haven’t been visiting them you’re missing out. They give away a Freebie of the Week … every week!

In this card we used the Spring Has Sprung digital paper collection. If you aren’t one for digital paper and printing your own you can also buy the paper pack. You can purchase the paper pack right from Miss Kate or shop on Amazon. Shopping through our Amazon link helps support Crafts By Two at no additional cost to you, and that makes you AWESOME!

We used a variety of art from Miss Kate for the sentiments and embellishments. The art we used was available for purchase in Cricut Design Space and it is included in their Access subscription. You can find the art on Miss Kate Cuttables too if you aren’t a Design Space user.

Loyalty Program

If you aren’t signed up for their Loyalty Program make sure you sign up before your spending spree on all the great art! Turn those dollars in to points to get even more. They start you off with 50 points just for signing up.

Project Files

Get the project files below! We have the base package available to everyone and then a bonus package for our Patron Plus or higher level supporters. Scroll down to learn more about our Patreon or visit

The bonus include all of the items from the public package so you only need to download the best package available to you.

For Everyone

The base card is available as an SVG file.

For Patron Plus

Our bonus package includes the SVG for the base card, but also a Brother Canvas file and a Silhouette Studio file. In the package is also a text file with two Cricut Design Space links – One of the Base Card and the other has the artwork which you would have to purchase to use or be an Access subscriber. Remember the digital paper is only available for purchase from Miss Kate Cuttables. We used colors to help highlight where we placed the digital patters if you wanted to use those papers or do something similar with your own designs you have.

Patrons of $2 or more can visit this post on Patreon to get the download link:

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