Font Art in Inkscape - Part 1

Video: Font Art in Inkscape – Part 1 of 5

The first video in a new How Two series on Font Art in Inkscape! People have wanted to do more with text for their designs and that is what this series is all about! We introduce the series and share the basics of text and it’s manipulation in Inkscape.

3D Paper Stars

Video: 3D Paper Stars

The Stars are here, but not the one’s George was looking for. We share a template for 3D Stars that you can use for decorating on their own or make them into lanterns!

Clearance Clearance Haul

Video: Clearance Clearance Haul

Michaels had a clearance sale this weekend! After two Michaels, a Tuesday Morning, and three visits to two Jo-Anns check we knew we had a bunch to share in a haul!

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