Back to School with the Dollar Tree

It’s back to School time and the Dollar Tree invited us to share a look at just a sample of all the supplies they have to offer just for a dollar! Join us to see what received!

Back to School with the Dollar Tree

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We all know that Dollar Tree is a great resource for inexpensive craft supplies and items to transform and upscale for gifts, but it’s also a great place for getting your Back to School supplies. No need to drive around making sure you hit the store when the items you need are on sale. At Dollar Tree everything is always a dollar all the time.

Dollar Tree shared with us a bunch of items and you could get all that with one stop shopping for $15!

  • 1″ Clear View Vinyl Binder
  • Classic Composition Notebook
  • Styled Composition Notebook
  • Styled Spiral Notebook
  • 4-Pack of Highlighters
  • 10-Pack of Bic Pens
  • Book Bin
  • 8-Pack ClipClicks Pens
  • Zippered Binder Pencil Case
  • 64-Count Crayons
  • 200-Count Wide Rule Paper
  • 200- Count College Rule Paper
  • 24-Count No.2 Pencils
  • Index Cards with Dividers
    • (Not pictured because George used them before I could get a photo!)

More Back to School

Dollar Tree has a lot more to offer! Check out their 12-page flyer online by clicking on the cover. They have a fun idea in there about customizing your gear with inexpensive embellishments you can pick up there too!

Shop Online

We know you’re busy trying to fit in family fun, summer camps and more with the sun and fun! Save time by shopping online at Dollar Tree. Have it sent right to you or get free shipping when you ship to a nearby store for easy pickup. We’ve done ship to store a bunch of times to get supplies and more for crafting, it’s quick and easy to just walk right in and pick thing up.

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