Baby Groot Wall Art

George is a little excited about Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. How excited? Join us to find out!

Baby Groot Wall Art

We can’t get enough of Baby Groot, he’s so adorable! Now you can use this SVG file to make a decoration or size it down for a card or embellishment!

Ken puts it together in the video with some good tips on working with the large flexible pieces.

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Baby Groot

Groot Card

Don’t miss out on the second half of our Groot SVG projects with our Groot Card. Check our our video and blog post at:

  • Groot Card

Faux Leather

We used the Cricut Faux Leather to great effect here. It really adds a bark like natural look to the piece. Of course you can make it with regular paper.

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The sampler is a great way to get all of the Woodgrain colors to try them out. The Walnut color we used in this is available as an “Add-On Item” at the time of this post. Add-on Items get you a great everyday price if you’re ordering it with more items.

Art Glitter Glue

We’ve been using Art Glitter glue a lot with our projects. It has a quick drying time with just enough wiggle room to allow you to shift things a little before final placement. It also dried pretty clear so any little spooge that seeps out isn’t going to totally ruining your project. Since we wondered too… No, there isn’t any glitter in the glue.

We bought the big refill bottle to get the best bang for our buck, then fill our own bottles with an ultrafine tip as needed.

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